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2023 Application for Membership

MEMBERSHIP DUES: All NEW applicants applying for membership in the North Bay Officials Organization (NBOO) are required to pay the yearly membership dues.  Membership dues cover the basic Rule, Case, Simplified Illustrated and the Official Manual books. These dues also cover related training materials, year end awards and other items associated with Organization expenses.

The dues DO NOT cover National Federation Interscholastic Officials Organization (NFIOA), which provides each member with $1,000,000 (one million) of liability insurance coverage. You'll be advised later how to purchase the NFHS Insurance.

Yearly membership dues for brand new members are $50.00.
Any questions about membership please contact Membership Chairman: John Little
Phone: Cell 707-583-3086
Email: membershipchair@nbofficials.org
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NBOO Does Not discriminate based on the age of an official. However, an official must be at least 16 years of age when the season starts to officiate at the youth level and 18 years of age and graduated from High School to officiate any level of High School.
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Membership Fees
How Pay?
You will not receive any materials or be assigned games at any level until the membership dues of $50.00 is paid.

Yearly membership dues are $50.00 for Youth Level Officials 16 to 18 years old and still in High School.
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It is understood that completion of this application and payment of dues DOES NOT constitute full membership in the North Bay Officials Organization (NBOO) and that the information contained herein will be used as a reference source.